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Residential Property Management

Why Choose Landstar Property Solutions?


Our clients choose Landstar Property Solutions for a myriad of reasons.  Some owners don’t like to have to collect the rent each month, some don’t like to screen applications, some need to get rid of a bad tenant, and other don’t like maintenance calls in the middle of the night.  We handle all of these problems and many others.


Whatever the reason they choose Landstar Property Solutions, our clients stay with us because we do all the things we told them we would do.


  • Our People Make the Difference – Personal relationships, experience and know how
  • Servicing the Area for over 30 years – We’re the experts in the property management field in this area
  • Superior Tenant Screening – We find the best tenants
  • Rental Hotline – Information about your rental unit is always available
  • Internet Advertising – We use all the latest technology to rent your unit
  • Exclusive Eviction Protection – No extra expenses to evict unwanted tenants
  • Computerised Accounting – Means accurate reporting
  • Electronic Banking – You get your money without having to go to the bank
  • Our Own Maintenance Staff – You get priority treatment
  • Our services are tax deductible
  • We Save you Money, Time and Aggravation!


Our people make the difference


We believe that they key to our success is in the personal relationships that we have developed with our clients over the years.  Landstar Property Solutions has assembled a superb team of professionals to take care of your property.  Top management has combined experience of over 30 years in residential property management and related fields.


Serving landlords in your area for over 30 years


We know the area where your investment property is located.  We live here too.  Because we know the area, we can make sure we maximize your rental income.  We also have one of the largest databases for rental information in the area.


Superior tenant screening


In selecting the right residents for your rental property, we believe and an ounce of prevention is worth 10 000 pounds of cure.  We want to ensure that you get the best tenants possible.  That’s why we use one of the most thorough tenant screening processes in the industry.


  • We pull a national credit record on each and every adult applicant
  • We check each landlord reference personally.  We don’t leave it up to others to do a “so-so” check
  • We verify each applicant’s employment and income.


Because of our superior tenant screening process, most “rent-jumping” tenants (the ones who don’t pay, trash the unit and skip out in the middle of the night) prefer to go to other landlords who are not so thorough and avoid this screening process.  We hope they haven’t “victimized” you recently.  Don’t make a R10 000 mistake.


Internet Advertising


We have our own website to advertise your rental unit.  We update this site regularly and make sure that all those “web surfers” know about your property through this newest medium.


Computerised Accounting


At Landstar Property Solutions we use the top property management software in the industry.  Our clients receive a monthly report that details all of the income and expenses  (see attached example).  Additionally, a year-end auditors statement is issued (see attached example).  We can also make monthly payments for our clients that include mortgage payments, Body Corporate levies, real estate rates taxes or any other recurring obligations.  All of these payments appear on your monthly statement.  We do not charge an additional fee for making these payments.




We can pay your money directly into your account so that it arrives in your bank account as soon as possible.  No more trusting the postal service or driving to the bank to make your deposit.  It appears in your account without fail.  It doesn’t get any easier than this!


Dedicated Maintenance Staff


In order to avoid a never-ending line of changing workmen, we have selected and trained one of the best collections of maintenance workers and contractors to handle your every repair.  We use less expensive handymen when the job is a small to medium task and we only call in more expensive contractors when their special expertise is needed.  By doing this, you save money on repairs and we know the job is getting done right the first time!


Our staff is equipped with cellular phones so they can be notified when an emergency arises and we can determine which job gets done first.  We also have a 24-hour, in-house service to notify us when there are after hour emergencies.


Free, No Obligation Consultation


We will set down with you to discuss your property in detail.  We will review comparable rents, new laws and how they affect you, and advise you on difficult tenant situations.  We will also direct you to other sources for service if we can’t provide what you want.  All this with NO PRESSURE and NO OBLIGATION.


Our Services are Tax Deductible


Management services are a tax-deductible expense, just like real estate rates and taxes which are deductible.


We Save you Time, Money and Aggravation


When you choose Landstar Property Solutions to manage your investment, you will no longer have to call the tenant to get the rent or go over and collect it.  There will be nor more inconvenient calls to come and fix the toilet.


Most owners are reluctant to charge market rents.  Rent increases sometimes lead to confrontations with tenants.  Many times we are able to raise the rent to cover the cost of our services.  Additionally, the maintenance charges are usually more reasonable than average contractors, as we obtain better rates due to the volume of work the contractors obtain from us.


You don’t have to worry about a disgruntled tenant, or how to get the rent this month, or what to do if you have to evict your tenant, as we will be able to resolve the vast majority of problems and work with you and/or your attorneys to resolve isolated crises with tenants that may arise.  We take care of the majority of problems so you can enjoy your family, a hobby or a good book!